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    Gibvideo is a logical consequence of the earlier activities under the name Gibphoto.
    The switch from photography to videography was not so obvious and took a long time to master this artistic discipline.
    Acquiring new materials, learning specialised software for editing and recording video images requires a proper retraining. One is never complete but Gibvideo is now able to edit and capture video content.
    The collaboration with "Light Shelter" provides even more extensive possibilities. This way he can also work with several camera operators in order to bring an event into the picture even better.

    Both Gibvideo and Light Shelter are a nonprofit organization.
    This means that not all orders can be accepted and that we always work together to reach an agreement in that everyone can feel good about..

    The content on this website is the copyright property of GiBvideo
    No part, parts or complete pieces of video, photo or music content can or should not be used for any purpose.
    All photographic images are copyrighted property of Gilbert Verhaeren, all videos are copyrighted property of Light Shelter, music pieces and sounds may be copyrighted property of GiBvideo

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